The following Rules and Regulations apply to Occupant's use of and activities within the Property. Owner reserves the right to adopt reasonable modifications and additions to these Rules and Regulations at any time. In the event of any conflict between these Rules and Regulations and the Agreement, the terms of the Agreement shall control.

 1.       Operating Hours / No Overnight Use. Occupant shall have access to the Property during normal operating hours for the sole purpose of dropping off or picking up their stored property.  Occupant shall not, and shall not permit any guests and invitees to spend the night in any vehicle or boat stored on site.  THERE IS NO OVERNIGHT USE OF ANY KIND PERMITTED.   Occupant acknowledges that the Storage Area is a drop-off and pick-up storage facility. Occupant shall use best efforts to limit Occupant's time during each entry to the Space and in the Storage Area to less than one hour.

 2.       Current Registration/Proof of Insurance.  Every vehicle, vessel or trailer that will be stored must have current registration and proof of insurance certificates on file.

 3.       Only Working Vehicles.   Only vehicles, boats and trailers in good working order are permitted onsite. 

 4.       Vehicle and Boat Storage Only. Occupant shall use assigned space only for storage of Recreational Vehicles (RVs), Camping Trailers and Boats. No storage sheds or structures may be placed within the Space licensed to Occupant or anywhere else in the Storage Area.

 5.       Drip Pans / Oil / Old Batteries. Occupants shall place drip pans or similar device beneath all oil pans and gas tanks of vehicles and boats stored in the Storage Area to prevent contamination of the soil or surface beneath the vehicles and boats. No motor oil, hydraulic or other fluids shall be drained from Occupant's vehicle or boat on the Storage Area. Old batteries must be disposed of off-site by Occupant at proper disposal sites in accordance with applicable law.

 6.       Human Waste Disposal. Disposal of human or animal waste, or draining of septic tanks on the Space or anywhere in the Storage Area is prohibited.

 7.       No Discharge from Water Tanks / Drain Lines.  Because the Storage Area is located above Lake Elsinore, all drainage flows toward the lake. Therefore, draining of water storage or other tanks is  prohibited.

 8.       Utility Hookups. There are no hookups in the Storage Area for charging batteries, filling water tanks, etc. Occupant must charge batteries or fill up water tanks off-site.

 9.       Trash Removal.  Occupant shall clean trash from the Space and any portion of the Storage Area affected by Occupant's activities at the end of each day that Occupant is on the Storage Area.

 10.   Fuel Storage. Occupant shall not store any gasoline or other fuels on the Storage Area.

 11.   No Smoking.  Because this area of Riverside County is a fire hazard area, smoking on the Property is prohibited at all times.

 12.   Pets. Pets must be kept on a leash, and Occupants must clean up after their pets. Occupants shall not tie up pets outside and leave them unattended. Loud and bothersome pets will not be tolerated. Any animal that has been deemed dangerous by city, county or state officials is strictly prohibited within the Property.

 13.   Vehicle/Boat Covers. Fitted vehicle and boat covers are allowed. Any tarps or plastic covers that are used to cover any vehicle or boat must be securely fastened so that they do not fly off or flap against adjoining Occupant's vehicles or boats during windy conditions. Any covers showing deterioration must be removed and disposed of by Occupant upon notice from Owner.

 14.   No Maintenance or Repair Work. Occupant acknowledges that the Space licensed to Occupant for his or her RV or boat is for storage only; Occupant shall perform no maintenance or repair work on the Property anywhere within the Storage Area.

15.   Cleaning & Washing of RVs and Boats. No cleaning or washing of vehicles or boats within the Property is allowed.

16.   No Drugs or Alcoholic Beverages. No person entering the Property shall use, serve, distribute or give any drugs or alcoholic beverages to anyone. Any person found under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be asked to leave immediately.

 17.   No Generators, Stereos or Sound-Generating Devices. Occupant shall comply with all applicable laws, ordinances, rules and regulations respecting sound control and noise levels, and shall be responsible for controlling noise while on at the Property. Owner reserves the right to require Occupants to remove or turn down the volume of any generators, stereos or other devices that generate noise deemed to be excessively loud by Owner.

 18.   Nuisance. Occupant shall conduct all activities (and control the activities of its guests and invitees) while on the Property in such a manner so that no public nuisance affecting persons or property on or in the vicinity of the Property results from the activities of Occupant or any of Occupant's guests and invitees.

 19.   No Fires or Fire Pits. Occupant shall not, and shall not permit any of Occupant's guests and invitees, light any fires or dig any fire pits for fires on the Property.

 20.   No Fireworks. Occupant shall not bring, store or light any fireworks within the Property.

 21.   No Firearms or Weapons. No firearms, cross-bows or any other similar type of weapons are permitted to be used on site or stored within Occupant's vehicle or boat at any time.

 22.   Control of Guests and Invitees. Occupant shall control the activities of its guests and invitees at all times while on the Property and Access Roads.

 23.   Cooperation. Occupant shall cooperate with Owner and any contractors or authorized personnel of Owner working on the Storage Area and Access Roads.

 24.   Speed Limits. Speed limit in the Storage Area is 5 mph.

 25.   Security.  Occupant is responsible for securing its vehicle or boat with locks and security devices as necessary to protect it from theft or break-in. Owner does not maintain a security patrol on-site and does not guarantee the security of any Property stored on the Storage Area. Owner is not responsible for injury, damage, loss, or claims for damage to Property stored at the Storage Area due to theft, fire or other natural hazard, or any other causes.

 26.   Property Access.  Each occupant has been granted a unique access code (provided on signature page of this agreement) for ingress and egress to the property.  Occupant is not permitted to share this code with anyone other than an alternative contact designated in this agreement.  Occupant must use this code each time they wish to enter the property and occupant must use this same code each time they exit the property.  If these codes aren't used in combination when entering and then exiting the property, future property access may be restricted until gate codes can be reprogrammed.